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Ford Focus Electric
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2016 Ford
Focus Electric

2016 Focus Electric: Charging ahead.

Avoiding the gas station is fun in the 2016 Focus Electric. With zero gas, zero oil changes and zero CO2 emissions, it delivers a 100 percent electrifying driving experience. What's more, you have the choice of charging options the standard 120-volt/30-amp convenience charge cord or the available 240-volt/30-amp home charging station.

Track your efficiency.

Next-generation SmartGauge® with EcoGuide is a cluster with configurable dual LCD displays and unique driving screens that provide real-time information. Next-generation SmartGauge® with EcoGuide features a MyView screen so drivers can customize the screens to their liking. Five-way steering wheel-mounted controls make it convenient. You'll see illuminated blue butterflies when driving efficiently or when you have enough range to reach a charging destination that you have entered into the available Navigation System. This visual motivator works in conjunction with the gauges designed to help improve your efficiency. SmartGauge® also provides access to many of the features of your SYNC® system which includes voice-activated technology and the unique EV screens.

Recharge as you drive.

When you apply the brakes in a conventional vehicle, kinetic energy is lost to heat due to friction. However, regenerative braking recovers more than 90 percent of this energy and sends it back to the battery pack to be stored for later use. Brake Coach is also a smart feature on the 2016 Focus Electric. Located on the instrument panel screen, it tells you the percentage of braking energy captured after each stop. The higher the percentage, the more efficiently you are braking.

Sustainability meets style.

  • Seat fabric made with REPREVE® fiber from 100 percent recycled materials
  • Standard cloth seat cushions are made of soy-based bio-foam derived from plant seed oils
  • REPREVE® is a registered trademark of Unifi, Inc. Optional leather trim available on the Electric

Recharge at home.

Reducing your charge time is easy with an available Ford-recommended 240-volt/30-amp home charging station. With it, a full battery charge takes as little as 3.6 hours. Both portable and hardwired stations are available. A 240-volt/30-amp home charging station is available for purchase with or without installation services from AeroVironment. If you decide to have the unit installed, an AeroVironment-affiliated electrician can perform an electrical audit and then install the 240-volt/30-ampcharging station. The electrician will be able to handle everything, including securing the required permits. AeroVironment is branded by Ford Motor Company, and each unit can be hardwired or plugged into a 240-volt/30-amp outlet for nonpermanent installation, easy removal or replacement. For more information, please call 1-888-219-6747 or visit

Good. Clean. Fun.

Standard on Focus Electric models, the single-speed transmission is built to handle the high-rpm range that comes with an all-electric motor. It not only helps give you a quiet, energy-efficient ride, but also delivers quick, smooth acceleration and driving fun. Engineered to reach a top speed of 84 mph, it delivers 100 percent torque the instant you step on the accelerator pedal and has a range of 76 miles on each full charge.

No more fumbling for keys.

You can keep your key fob in your pocket or bag and open the driver's door by simply touching the inside of the front exterior door handle. To get going, simply hold down the brake pedal while pressing the start button to start the engine. It's standard on the Focus Electric.

Efficient organization

Stay organized on the go with the adaptable standard Cargo Management System. With it, you have two tiers of covered storage to help keep your belongings out of sight.

Put Together the Facts You Need Before Purchasing an Electric Vehicle.

Find out more about driving an electric vehicle before you make your purchase. Learn how to choose the Ford vehicle that best fits your lifestyle, take advantage of potential incentives, install an at-home charging station and much more.