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Kia Soul EV
Information and Special Offers

2019 Kia
Soul EV

Life in the faster lane.

As a clean alternative fuel vehicle, the Soul EV is eligible for a High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) decal in select states such as California. So, you can use HOV lanes even when you're driving solo, which can help shorten your commute time. Many other states have similar HOV lane and toll incentives for Soul EV. To learn more about HOV access and other perks of going electric

Soul power.

Meet the charge port: the newest way to fuel your Soul. With three ways to charge, including standard DC Fast Charging, you can recharge at home, the office, and any public station. The 6.6 kW onboard charger maximizes throughput for faster charging. And the ultra-dense battery features more energy in an efficient package, for more driving range and cabin room.

High energy. Low profile.

The Soul EV's slim lithium-ion polymer battery is packed with 30 kWh of energy to maximize driving range. We placed it right under the floor to give you more cabin space and better handling with a lower center of gravity. Add that to the instant torque from the electric motor and you've got one exhilarating ride.

Fast charging comes standard.

Unlike many EVs, all Soul EVs come standard with the quickest available charge port, the DC Fast Charge, which supplies an 80% charge to an empty battery in about 30 minutes. That's in addition to two more convenient ways to charge. Whether you're starting your day, leaving the office, or enjoying your road trip, you can always find a full charge.

Comfort at unexpected levels.

The Soul EV and iconic Soul were redesigned together to provide exceptional comfort and maximum flexibility. The Soul EV's split-folding rear seats offer ample cargo space and a variety of storage options. And the under-floor battery means plenty of interior space for your friends. From the exclusive bio-sourced materials and available leather seating all the way down to the distinctive highlight stitching—this interior looks, feels, and does good.

Made eco-friendliest.

What does it take to be the first ever vehicle to receive UL Environment recognition? The rigorous evaluation of materials and manufacturing. Nineteen parts of its total interior mass are composed of bio-based materials, earning the Soul EV the first and only UL environmental claim validation in the industry. Plus, the Soul EV is more than freedom from the pump and harmful emissions. On certain interior parts, we used paint that's free of harmful chemicals like benzene so that you can breathe cleaner air.

Your eco system.

UVO is the latest evolution in telematics and infotainment. Whether you're in your EV or on the UVO eco app, it's the connectivity system that does it all. Get real-time data on your driving range. Schedule charge times or find a station. From voice-command navigation and emergency assistance, to UVO eco features like remote charging, UVO keeps you connected while on the go.

Connect to your Soul.

Connect the Soul EV to your compatible mobile device with the available UVO eco system and UVO eco app. Receive battery charge-status alerts from the comfort of your couch. Unlock the driver door and adjust in-car climate before you even leave the house. With UVO, you get intuitive control right at your fingertips

Next-level tech.

From the Organic LED (OLED) 3.5-inch display to the climate-control technologies that maximize driving range, the Soul EV comes loaded with energy-smart innovations. The free smartphone UVO eco app and advanced in-car telematics system make managing your EV simple.

Comfort for the long haul.

Driving range increases when you use less energy, as heating and cooling can be a drain on the battery. The Soul EV's three climate-control technologies help monitor and manage energy use so that you can drive farther, comfortably.

Parking made easy.

This advanced drive-assist technology helps you stay informed while you park. Using sonar sensors integrated in the Soul EV's bumpers, the available front and rear Parking Assist gives an audible warning when you are near other vehicles or objects. And with standard Rear-Camera Display, you can back up with confidence with a live image of what's behind your Soul EV.

Slow down, charge up.

Every part of the Soul EV is designed with efficiency in mind—even braking. Every time you decelerate or go downhill, the regenerative braking system recovers kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost. That energy goes straight to recharging the battery.