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Kia Soul
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2020 Kia

Awaken your soul.

How did we reinvent something, without losing what made it iconic? It wasn't easy, but with a completely redesigned exterior and interior, along with all-new high-tech features, we know the spirit of the Soul hatchback lives on. From the all-new GT-Line trims featuring an available turbocharged engine, unique styling, and available center exhaust, to the all-new rugged looking Soul X-Line.

Dare to be different. We did.

The all-new Soul is not just another hatchback. Using a holistic approach to enhancing Soul, everything from drivability, comfort and even the opening of the cargo area has been improved.

Every action has a reaction.

Is there a better way to experience performance, other than from behind the wheel? Hop in, buckle up and get ready to get the adrenaline pumping as you feel the power of the GT-Line Turbo's turbocharged 201-hp engine come to life. With thrilling exterior styling, exclusive options and a transmission using technology with racing roots, Soul GT-Line Turbo proves it's possible to be all show and all go.

Turbocharge your expectations.

Tuned to get the ultimate response both on the road and from its driver, the Soul GT-Line Turbo's 1.6-liter engine outputs a fun-inducing 201 horsepower. All of that power is managed through a 7-speed DCT transmission, offering lightning fast shifts for ultimate Soul performance. Exclusively on GT-Line Turbo trim, the center mounted dual exhaust with polished tips let the revs scream, as it sits within a unique, gloss black rear diffuser.

If looks could thrill.

What's more important, seeing or being seen? Who said you have to compromise? The GT-Line features a performance inspired exterior, with a unique front and rear fascia. From available full LED headlamps to unique 18-inch alloy wheels, the world will always take note of your presence.

Powerful inside and out.

We've been told it's what's on the inside that counts. The GT-Line Turbo's exclusive black and red interior brings the performance mantra inside the vehicle. From the available paddle shifters that can trigger shifts in the blink of an eye, to the available 8" color Head-Up Display (HUD), showing your vehicle speed, navigation directions, select Kia Drive Wise alerts, GT-Line Turbo seamlessly blends high-performance with high-tech.

At home, on the go.

The rugged good looks of the first-ever Soul X-Line, pairs its off-road inspired styling with the go-further capability found within the Soul.

Own the adventure.

How will you craft your adventure going Soul X-Line? Will it have some contrast, like a city versus the open road? Will it feature bold colors to match your outgoing personality? You decide.

Eye catching from every angle.

The boldly redesigned exterior is where style meets technology. From the unique Soul badging on the c-pillar to the available full LED headlights, Soul is sure to illuminate the world around.

If walls could talk.

Acoustics make or break a concert venue. Your Soul is no different. Interior shapes, textures and panels have been designed to both visually bring music to life and enhance the auditory experience within your Soul.

Iconic. Innovative. Expressive.

Express your creativity and see where form meets function in the available Soul Designer Collection Package. Choose from a bold color palette, even offering two-tone designs, LED exterior lighting and unique 18-inch wheels that complete the look of the head-turning Soul.